United Colors of Sisters is a grassroots movement that is comprised of a community who believes in the power of all women. For far too long many girls and women have been made to feel that their gender is a weakness. Exercises like “girl push ups”, or boys accusing each other of “fighting like a girl” and even when girls are called “tomboys”, are all designed to illustrate female inferiority.  United Colors of Sisters says “no more”.

  • No more to feeling not good enough.

  • No more to feeling not capable enough.

  • No more to feeling not strong enough.

  • No more to feeling not skinny enough.

  • No more to feeling not healthy enough.

  • No more to feeling not pretty enough.

  • No more to feeling not confident enough.

  • No more to feeling not smart enough.

  • No more to feeling not in control of your own success.

  • No more to feeling not capable of caring for your families in the case of divorce.

  • No more to feeling that because one person does not love you, no one ever will.

  • No more to believing that your dreams are done once you’ve reached a certain age.

  • No more to believing that you cannot change your circumstances and work toward a better more amazing life!

United Colors of Sisters or “UCOS” for short, has learned through our own research, that girls and women experience disempowerment at a very early age, and often within their very own homes, or by people who are close to them. A disempowered mother, an abusive father, a stressed and underpaid teacher or a misguided brother unwittingly make our girls question themselves. More importantly, confused and lonely peers are the people who often advise our girls and help mold what will eventually be their confidence and empowerment levels one day.
The UCOS community is fighting for the empowerment of girls and women everywhere, everyday through the arts, an online support forum, activism, educational workshops, wellness retreats and so much more! Our mission is to unify people for the cause of empowerment. We want our daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and yes, even our sons, husbands and grandfathers to join the movement. Empowered girls and women raise and lead an empowered society.  Viva Las Girls! Viva Las Women!


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